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Capturing Moments, Creating Memories

A Photography Journey Across Landscapes, Actions, and Love Stories

Meet David


Phone: 585-770-8595

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I got started in photography by taking a trip around the country and seeing the beauty it has to offer. I have been doing landscape photography, action photography, portraits, engagements, and weddings for years. The first weddings I worked were for friends and I fell in love with the capture of these special days. I am adaptable, flexible, and skilled in all aspects of photography. I am available for weddings, engagement photographs, portraits, and events. I am based out of Herndon, Virginia but am willing to travel. Please contact me to see if we will be a perfect fit for your needs.


From Landscapes to Love Stories, Our Services Capture Every Moment


Wedding Photography

Creating timeless wedding memories.


Engagement Photography

Celebrating the journey to forever.


Portrait Sessions

Capturing your true essence.

Ready to Capture Your Moments?

Contact me now to discuss how we can turn your special occasions into lasting memories through the art of photography.

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